Saturday, June 30, 2007

Uniform musings, Part 5 - New Uniforms in '07, Westminster edition

I got a glimpse of two more new uniforms last night at the Westminster show...

Best "Old School" uniform change - Crossmen
A significant change for the Crossmen who did have the stark black uniforms that provided little definition in the past few years. The red accents and shiny red sash recall older corps style uniforms from years past. The contrast achieved with the red accents gives the viewer something to hold onto visually as the corps moves around the field. The shiny red sash keeps the uniform from falling flat as it compliments the shine of the silver instruments extremely well. The red stripe is something that you don't get to see every day anymore as most corps now simply have straight black pants. One gets the feeling that they are watching an alumni corps, or a senior corps, as the high pants add to the "old school" illusion. All-in-all, a great change for the Crossmen.

Most Undetectable uniform change - Phantom Regiment

Did you know Phantom changed their uniform this year? Well, unless you have been closely following them, or have a sharp eye, you may not even notice it. The corps from Rockford have made a slight adjustment to the sash, cutting the black from the drop section in the back. The gauntlets have also been changed from black to white. Overall a cleaner look, closer to Crown than anything else. Not much of a real difference visually if you are not paying attention though.

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