Thursday, March 27, 2008

Help out with the Drum Corps WIki Shows Project!

So I'm kinda bored in the offseason, so one thing I like to do is got through my DVDs and watch a lot of shows. While doing this I try and find out everything I can about the shows as well as record my notes about them for future reference.
What I have found is that info on shows is very scattered throughout the web in literally dozens of locations if you can find it at all:

Who was the Corps director at that time?
Who wrote the Drill? Designed the Guard Uniforms?
Where was Spring Training held that year?
Did the music change throughout the year?




So it got me to thinking that what we really need is a place for all of this info on the web. Someplace where you can go when you want to find out who instructed the Baritones for the Cadets during the Summer of '06 (Chris Moss) or how did the Euphoniums in the '04 Cadets line carry their instruments at "Trail" (Like suitcases)...

Now, I marched these two years, so I know these things, but there is a million billion things that I dont know about drum corps...however, this is where you come in. Everyone knows a lot about different shows and corps and it is time to share that knowledge so that 3 years from now, if someone wants to look up who made the uniforms for the Bluecoats in 2000, they can simply access this site and find out.

I've started a couple pages on the drum corps wiki for the shows I know well. I would encourage everyone to start some pages of their own and put their knowledge out there for others to see.

Here is a template to get started, just create a new page and copy over the wiki-code to start.

More details can be found on the project page

Here are two pages I have started, however they are in no way even close to being complete.

Living with the past - Cadets 2004
Vol. 2: Through the Looking Glass

Let me know what you think,

-Joe Dacey

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